"The Finest: A G.I. Joe Costume Club" (The Finest) is the world’s premier international G.I. Joe costuming organization. Founded in 2007, the Finest has expanded to include more than 300 members in nearly 40 US states and seven countries. The club celebrates G.I. Joe through the creation and wearing of high-quality costumes and props based upon canon characters from the G.I. Joe universe. Each year, club members appear and exhibit at more than 100 pop-culture conventions, parades, and other events worldwide. Since 2007, the Finest has used our love for GI Joe to raise more than $100,000, with all proceeds donated to military and veteran organizations such as the USO and K9s For Warriors!

The Finest maintains a very high standard of professional-quality costumes. Our members spend considerable time, effort, and finances on creating highly-detailed costumes as accurately as possible, and given the global exposure and partnerships with high-profile charity organizations, the club strives to maintain a high standard of costume excellence.

Find out more at www.TheFinestCC.com!


The Command Staff is the administrative body of The Finest. The Command Staff consists of the Finest CO, Finest XO, COs from each Garrison, as well as other specialized officers. These officers administer the day-to-day functions of The Finest such as public relations, maintaining costume standards, voting, social media, administrating charity work, policy formation, updating website/forums, maintaining a membership roster, and other duties.

Len K.
Alex T.
Commanding Officer
Maggie C.
Executive Officer
Candice D.
Membership Officer
Keith M.
Johnny K.
Public Relations Officer
Chad L.
Communications Officer
Ray E.
Commanding Officer
13th Civil Defense Mobile Infantry Division
Chris R.
Commanding Officer
234th Tigerhawks
Justin S.
Commanding Officer
31st Carrier Assault
Dan N.
Commanding Officer
8th Ohio Corvus Squadron
John B.
Commanding Officer
602nd Desert Corps
Michael C.
Commanding Officer
Action Force 44
Rhudy W.
Commanding Officer
Capital Defense Regiment
Eric W.
Commanding Officer
Central Defense: The Fighting 5th
Kevin R.
Commanding Officer
Coastal Defense Command
Eric P.
Commanding Officer
Eastern Shield Brigade
Sean P.
Commanding Officer
Revolutionary Guard
Edwin S.
Commanding Officer
Task Force 27
Rebeccah H.
Commanding Officer
The Southern Command
Shane E.
Commanding Officer
45th Mountain Armory
Ryan B.
Squad Commanding Officer
28th Rough Riders
Keith D.
Squad Commanding Officer
Volunteer Assault Force
Mike M.
Squad Commanding Officer
Southwest Rattler Squadron
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