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Creating a professional-quality costume is no easy task.


For characters requiring uniformity (e.g., Cobra Troopers, Officers, Vipers, etc.) please see the Field Manuals below. These manuals are designed to help guide costumers through the process of creating a Finest-approved costume, and to ensure absolute uniformity among the ranks. New field manuals are added to this section regularly. 


The Finest does not publish Field Manuals for named “face” characters (e.g., Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Baroness, Cobra Commander, etc.). Applicants and members are given discretion to create their own high-quality interpretations of these characters, however, a specific reference for the version of the character you are depicting must be used and submitted as part of your application (e.g., comics, figure, card art, Sideshow, etc.). For examples of exsiting costumes please visit the members gallery.


FRONTLINE: The Official Magazine of the Finest!

Published regularly, Frontline will keep you informed of all the comings and goings of the Finest as we continue our bid for world domination! In these pages, you will find breaking news, articles on club activities, upcoming events, resources for current and aspiring members, as well as important tips and facts.

Frontline is not just for Finest members; it’s for EVERYONE! We hope that each issue teaches you (at least) one new thing you didn’t know about the Finest! Enjoy!



The full charter and other helpful documents can be accessed below. 

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